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Welcome to the ONQ (On-line Questionnaire) Web Survey Site

OnQ is a web survey system that combines

  1. the power and flexibility of a database backend,
  2. an easy-to-use, efficient survey developer authoring tool, and
  3. a user-friendly, Java-based survey respondent interface.
OnQ enables interactive data collection, adapting the survey to users' responses thereby eliminating unnecessary or irrelevant questions and tailoring subsequent questions to users' prior responses. This process of adaptation is transparent minimizing respondent burden and maximizing response rates.

OnQ supports a variety of survey question types from single answer radio button and drop down select-boxes to multiple response, checkbox items to text boxes and text areas for open-ended questions.

OnQ permits flexible survey page formatting to minimize item non-response and to give each survey a custom look without the expense of a custom design.

OnQ integrates a variety of data formats into the survey. Use photos, audio or video to enrich your questions. Embed charts, graphs or figures in the survey instrument and query your respondents as to the impact or understandability of particular materials.

OnQ supports direct email solicitation or convenience sampling strategies. Respondents can be recruited through targeted emails and OnQ keeps track of respondents and non-respondents to thank the former and follow-up with the latter.

Work on the OnQ system began in 1998 with the Survey2000 project sponsored by the National Geographic Society and Northwestern University At that time a pioneering effort, Survey2000 stood apart for the number of participants, 80,012 respondents in 178 countries, and the relative complexity of the instrument, which used extensive branching to tailor the survey to background of individual respondents.

The success of this project led to nearly $500,000 in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct Survey2001. The OnQ system combines survey research methodology and sophisticated web based technology to produce a powerful survey tool.

The OnQ system was developed through a collaborative effort of the Departments of Computer Science and Sociology at Clemson University. Deployment of surveys is typically administered through Clemson University's Center for the Advancement of Marketing and Social Science (CAMSS). Hosting services are provided on our dedicated secure Linux servers. CAMSS faculty are available to provide their expertise in questionnaire design and data analysis.

For more detailed information about OnQ visit our papers page.

To learn more about WebOnQ, the web-based version of the OnQ authoring tool click here.

View surveys developed using OnQ. Feel free to try any of these surveys. Your data will not be used for analysis purpose.

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